Pam - Fear of skiing

I was inspired into taking up hypnotherapy after having hypnotherapy for my fear of skiing. We went on a group skiing holiday to France with friends, I loved the social aspect, but found it a very lonely and frustrating time, as fearless children whizzed past me on the nursery slopes and after a few days I was very much alone during the day as my partner went with the others more experienced skiers to the higher slopes. I did try to combat my fears and initially went up to the green slope with them, but spent the rest of that day walking down feeling extremely inadequate. I spent a lot of the time in sheer panic, in tears and frustrated, so the next year I was determined to make a change. I went to a hypnotherapist and after only a few sessions embarked on another group skiing trip this time to Chamonix.

Now, I'll never be a Janica Kostelic, downhill champion, but imagine my joy when I could see them looking for me on the first morning I was already on the nursery slopes and could see my friend pointing me out to my partner screaming, 'Good grief, there she is, coming down the hill, has she had lessons?' No, hypnotherapy, I smiled to myself! I had been desensitised to the fear of the type of slopes I had met the previous year and progressed beyond that. I know if I want to progress further hypnotherapy will be instrumental in combatting my fears.

After returning from the second trip I decided to take the LCCH certificate course and this year I'm nearly half way through the Diploma. It is quite a voyage of discovery, I'm finding it personally theraputic and great fun. I see my first client this Friday and look forward to helping many more people through hypnosis, in the same way I was helped.

Juliet - Panic attacks

I came to hypnosis at a time when I knew I had to take some action to remedy earlier events in my life. My main reason for going to see him was because I suffer from panic attacks and I wanted to stop these controlling my actions and limiting my lifestyle.

Having completed my sessions, the panic attacks have not gone away but their links to everyday tasks have as I can be more rational about them. What I did come away with was a powerful feeling of being more in control of my own life, having dealt with past emotions, particularly those of guilt and sadness. As a result I feel much more liberated and at ease with who I am, and I am not carrying my injured self from long ago. I came away from my sessions feeling like my mind had been to a health farm!

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