A Testimonial: Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

By Louise Smith BA (Hons), D. Hyp, BSCH (Assoc)

Deb came to me in late 2002 suffering with IBS which had started following a period of depression 6 years earlier. On the surface she was a chatty and aimiable lady but the IBS was having a profound affect on her life.

The following is an extract from a letter she sent to me following her treatment:

"The IBS made my life a misery and I thought I would never feel normal again. I went from being a confident, outgoing, bubbly, career-driven person to someone who avoided meeting people, stopped going out and was too nervous to try for new jobs. I thought that was how my life would be forever. Life was a battle every single day and at times I felt suicidal."

The catalyst for seeking help was the fact that Deb was engaged and her approaching wedding day was filling her with fear and dread. She told me she couldn't even imagine being able to leave the house to go to the church. Let alone walk down the aisle. She was sceptical about the idea of having hypnosis but two of her friends had independently recommended that she came to see me.

Once again the following are Debs own words

I couldn't believe the transformation after just one session. My nervousness disappeared, my violent bouts of diarrhoea stopped and I began to feel like the person I was 7 years ago, full of life, confidence and happiness. I've got a great new job now and am not fazed in the least by meetings or giving presentations. My wedding day was like a dream, not only did I not have an ounce of stomach trouble but I had no nerves either. Everyone commented on how calm and happy I was.

I can't thank you enough for what you have done. I feel like me again and I never thought I would.'

I treated Deb three times in total for IBS the last session being two days before her wedding. Although she had no symptoms since her first session some months earlier, she just wanted to be sure that her day would be everything she hoped it would.

But, the story doesn't end there. The newly weds started trying for a baby. When Deb became pregnant, she booked to see me for childbirth training. We had three sessions together and then on the fourth she was suffering quite badly from hayfever. She had eyedrops and an inhaler as well as oral medication. She was concerned about her ability to relax between sneezes and wheezes. I offered an alternative to the planned session, one to help her allergy. We had plenty of time to schedule another session before the birth. Deb agreed and so began my first ever allergy session.

When I saw Deb for the next session I was hoping to hear that there had been some relief. What I wasn't expecting was to hear that she hadn't had to use her inhaler once since that session, had taken no tablets and had only used the eyedrops twice.

In November 2004 Deb gave birth to a baby girl. The birth went smoothly and was entirely natural. Deb said the hypnosis had been all she needed.

Success like this reinforces the reason I became a hypnotherapist. The outcome in itself a wonderful reward for the work I had done with Deb, but to put the icing on the cake she called the baby Hannah Louise!

Louise Smith is based is based in the West Midlands. Tel: 0121 354 1525

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