Will it work for me…? Answering the question everyone asks

By John Chocqueel-Mangan D.Hyp, BSCH (Assoc.), Chartered MCIPD, CertPractioner NLP

“Will it work for me?“ Most people would agree that this is the probably the key question for anyone thinking about choosing hypnotherapy.

There is little doubt, and research show this, that hypnotherapy produces results and is often successful where other treatments have not been so effective.

You may know people who somehow seem determined to get over difficulties in their life - and others who simply give up. Instinctively we all know that how we feel and think makes a real difference to what happens. Confidence in treatment and positive belief in success all contribute to a successful outcome. Lack of belief in treatment. Lack of commitment and self doubt seldom produces the result we want.

We all know - or maybe even remember - the saying “Mummy will kiss it better” and it does get better!

So, will it work for you?

Firstly, you need to consider what it is that you want to achieve. Hypnotherapy will not mend a broken arm, cure cancer or give you a heart bypass operation. But it can help to ease the pain, calm thoughts and fears and engender a positive attitude to recovery from an operation.

Secondly, broadly speaking, hypnotherapy treats habits - things we do that we don't want to do such as smoking, overeating and nail biting - and psychological problems such as panic attacks, anxiety, lack of confidence and stress. There are many more conditions that can benefit from hypnotherapy.

Thirdly, - and just as importantly - you will be much more likely to get what you what from treatment if you feel comfortable with your therapist. So call him or her to find out how they will approach your situation and see if there is rapport or understanding there.

Fourthly, check that the therapist is qualified and registered with a regulatory body (such as the BSCH).

I expect you may have a few lingering thoughts in your mind like “How successful is hypnotherapy?” Well, if I told you it was 80% successful - and 20% unsuccessful - how will you know which category you fall into? To help you make an informed decision here are some real life past examples from my own practice (all the names have been changed to protect client confidentiality). They are not universal and other therapists will work in different ways.

Sam cam to me to stop smoking - for which I use a two step two session treatment programme. At the second session Sam told me that he had just kept smiling at smokers and had not even considered smoking.

Gemma, also for smoking, said she felt that something was missing from her life. She said it took her two weeks to realise she didn't smoke!

Alex called after the first session and said he had begun smoking again within hours. He never returned for his second session.

For over eighteen months Janet had been unable to go out to restaurants or any unfamiliar places, without gagging at the sight of food, feeling as though she would choke. When she came back for her second appointment she told me she had been out for a meal with her partner who said “Now I have my Jan back at last“.

Chris was very anxious and depressed. Over a period of five months he steadily and gradually began to gain more confidence and control over his thoughts and feeling and hence - his life.

So, when you are ready, let hypnotherapy work for you.

John Chocqueel-Mangan D.Hyp, BSCH (Assoc.), Chartered MCIPD, CertPractioner NLP runs his practice in Herne Bay covering South East Kent.

For more information about individual treatments, talks, seminars and for corporate programmes you can contact John on 01227 -3749798 or visit his website: hypnotherpyworks.uk.com

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